Book Review: ‘The Spy’ Is A Good Look At What Mata Hari’s Life Might Have Been Like

Mata Hari was a femme fatale and a famous spy. The Spy looks at what her life might have been like based on real information but not all confirmed for this novel. It was written by Paulo Coelho for Knopf and in stores now.

The novel starts off with Mata facing her death by firing squad. Then the contents of her life are gone over via letters she has left for her daughter and lawyer. How she answered an ad to find a husband, how he was abusive and her escape from him. Her life as an exotic dancer (something that hadn’t been seen before). The men she met and helped her and took advantage of her. With the war starting she was trying to return to Paris when she was asked to spy in order to get back to France.

She told France she was asked to be a spy and would be a double agent. She had no one to back up her claims and was convicted of being a spy and killed.

This is a novel and could have been the way her life went. The author based the story on her actual life but changed some stuff to fit the narrative. It’s a great read and one could think it was how her life went.

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