Book Review: ‘Splinters Of Light’ Is A Moving, Heart Wrenching Novel

Last week Julianne Moore won an Oscar for her movie about Alzheimer ‘Ask Alice.’ Rachael Herron has written a tear jerker of a novel about the same subject, this time early-onset Alzheimers. This book is really well written and you will need to have a box of kleenex with you at times.

Nora Glass is forty-four and a divorced mother of a sixteen year old. She started writing essays ten years ago about raising her daughter Ellie, who six years old at the time. Her column every week became very popular and she became a celeb writer. Her readers have gotten to follow along Ellie’s life (Ellie wasn’t crazy about it). Ellie is sixteen and acting like she is, rebelling and doing typical sixteen year old things.

Nora has a twin fraternal sister Mariana, who’s lived a life opposite of Nora. She’s traveled and never been married or have kids. She’s in a stable relationship with Luke, really her first. She’s started her own business a breathing app with help from Luke. It’s becoming successful for her. She and Nora are really close but have issues that really have never been addressed.

When Nora isn’t feeling good she goes to the doctor and finds out she has early-onset Alzheimers. She’s devastated and doesn’t believe it at first. She takes her time telling her family. They know something is wrong with her as she’s become forgetful and does things not like her. She finally tells them and it sets off a series of events that will forever change their lives. Along the way Nora finds love and and deep seed issues with her sister come out and are dealt with.

For anyone that has ever had to deal with this disease or wants to see what it might be like to have to this novel does an excellent job of showing what it’s like to have it and live with it.

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