Book Review: ‘Spitfire: A Livy Nash Mystery’ Is A Good Debut Novel From M.L. Huie

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Books | 1 comment

Life for an ex-spy can become boring until Ian Fleming comes into your life and wants to give you a new assignment.

Meet Olivia ‘Livy’ Nash a former spy in France for England during WWII. It’s 1946 and she’s back in London two months behind in her rent, drinking two much vodka and working a boring job as proof-reader for an advice column. She also misses the man she loved and lost during the war.

And then she meets Ian Fleming (yes that Ian Fleming). He has an offer for Livy, go back to France as a spy and find the traitor responsible for the death of her love. She returns as a journalist and begins to investigate. But Paris is not the same city it was just a couple of years ago. And she learns it’s a new game with new rules. In order to do her new job, she will have to change and adapt to how things are now. Will she be able to find the traitor and get out with her life?

An excellent debut novel form author M.L. Huie with a strong female character and Ian Fleming. Doesn’t get much better than this. Here’s to more adventures with Livy Nash.

You can pick up Spitfire in stores now from Crooked Lane.