Book Review: ‘Something She’s Not Telling Us: A Novel’ Is A Twisted Tale With Lots Of Twists

A twisted, sorted tale of lies, highlights the latest novel by author Darcey Bell. With so many twists and turns, the reader is not quite sure what’s going on or who’s telling the truth. And this is a good thing. If engages the reader to pay attention to everything.

Charlotte is married to Eli and have a five-year old daughter named Daisy. Eli is rich having made a lot of money when he was younger and now works in theater as a designer. Charlotte owns a successful flower shop. Things are going good for them. Then there is her brother Rocco, who has another new girlfriend Ruth. Most of his previous ones were strange ones and Ruth seems somewhat normal. Rocco is also a recovering alcoholic. They had a bad childhood because of their mother and they don’t really like to talk about it much. Their mother now lives in Mexico.

When Charlotte needs someone to pick up Daisy at school, she asks Rocco and Ruth ends up picking her up (she was on the school list since Rocco and Ruth picked up Daisy once before). But no one knows where Ruth went with Daisy and the search is on to find her.

Then we learn backstory from six months ago from the first time they met Ruth. We learn about Ruth’s life and the events leading up to the trip to Mexico they all took and Daisy being taken the next day. So much back-story and secrets and lies are revealed and there’s a lot more going on than we can possibly imagine. The story is told but different characters and their points of views from present time and the past over the six months the story takes place.

As you read the book be prepared for shocking secrets and lies that may very well blow your mind and it all leads to a climatic ending.

You can pick up Something She’s Not Telling Us in stores on Tuesday, April 7th from Harper Paperbacks.

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