Book Review: ‘Smooth Operator’ Is Another Fun Stone Barrington/Teddy Fay Story

So I open my door on Saturday morning and there’s a package. Looks like a book. And to my excitement it’s Smooth Operator by Stuart Woods (G.P. Putnam’ Sons; In stores Tuesday, August 2). It’s the next adventure of Stone Barrington. This time with a lot of Teddy Fay (who is actually the star of the book). This isn’t a Stone based story (he does play a role in it though).

Stone is being Stone and is out on a yacht with a beautiful woman. A coast guard ship pulls up and Dino gets out and tells him he’s needed by the President in a few hours at a state dinner. He rushes off to Washington, gets a tux and as soon as he’s on his way someone tries to take him out. Typical day in the life of Stone. He arrives to the dinner a little late. He’s called to meet with the President who informs of him that the Speaker of the House’s daughter has been kidnapped. If the speaker doesn’t get a clean bill passed, his daughter will be killed. No CIA/FBI or anyone else. So Stone is asked to help with this.

The only person he can think of to help is Teddy Fay (former CIA agent who doesn’t play by the rules). He’s now a different person working as a movie director. He drops everything and rushes to help Stone sort this out. Along the way someone tries to kill him. An rank amateur who Teddy takes care of with no problem. Teddy gets the help of Holly (Stone’s ex) and soon begins the task of figuring out who has the girl, who’s been killing members of the House and also who made an attempt on his wife’s life.

The more Teddy digs, the more clues he finds. As time is starting to run out he gets one small break but is it enough to save a life?

If you haven’t read a Stone Barrington book it’s never too late. The stories are exciting to read. Stuart gives just enough background information on the characters so you are not lost. And the best part of reading these books are they are so easy. The chapters are short and there’s not a lot of words on each page. He gets right to the stories without a lot of useless stuff written (so the book is not that long)!

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