Book Review: ‘The Slow Waltz Of Turtles’ Will Appeal To Some

In this mega-bestseller from France and the follow-up to The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles, a woman contends with divorce, family trouble, and even murder in her journey to discover who she really is.

The characters presented to you in this second installment in what is obviously going to be a trilogy, are well-drawn and in a special way, are very old-fashioned. Almost like the setting for an old Victorian play. Perhaps it is the European mindset or maybe the translation from its original French to English that adds a touch of spice? Who can tell. Josephine Cortes is a widow, her husband Antoine had decided, along with his mistress, to raise crocodiles and unfortunately, became the entrée one night, hence Josephine’s widowhood. She has two daughters, Hortense, who will one day be a fashion designer and young Zoe, who simply wants to fall in love. Josephine has a sister, Iris, who is not the full shilling and a mother who detests her and tells her so often.

Josephine wrote a book, a bestseller and was supposed to put Iris’ name on it as author but one of the girls in the first book spills the beans and now everyone knows who really wrote it. She has lots of money, a new apartment in a classy neighborhood in Paris, a boyfriend, Luca, who treats her like dirt and she possesses a hidden passion for Iris’ husband Phillip, and so it goes.

Murders are being committed in a park near to where she lives, the same park where she had been attacked, a long time ago. There are neighbors in the apartment block she lives in who are really weird and when I think of the overall story, it is all weird! Perhaps there is a happy ending in the next book but I have to say, this story really perplexed me, it held my attention but I ended up not caring what happened to anybody. It will appeal to some and as I stated, many of the characters are priceless. Enjoy.

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Ann McDonald

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