Book Review: ‘The Sisters Of Blue Mountain’ Is A Pleasant Read

In Karen Katchup’s new novel The Sisters Of Blue Mountain (St. Martin’s Press; in stores Tuesday, April 4) secrets always have a way of coming out no matter how hard you try. For two sisters in Mountain Springs, Pennsylvania a big one is about to come out after many years of trying to keep hidden.

It’s that time of the year when the snow geese flock to a local dam and amaze the town and it’s visitors. For Linnet and her husband Ian it’s time for guests at their Bed and Breakfast. But something has happened to some of the geese and they are found dead in the dam. No one can figure out why this has happened. Linnet’s dad Pop, an expert on the birds is on the case and trying to figure out what’s happened (he’s older and is having memory issues). A Professor from the local college comes to help. When he’s found murdered an investigation is started.

Linnet’s younger, estranged sister Myna, who lives in Florida with her boyfriend, comes back to town and is re-united with her sister and her dad. Also in town is a lot of press investigating the birds and one reporter named Jake, who’s dad died many years ago on the mountain pass, under what could be suspicious circumstances. It was ruled an accident but Jake thinks there’s more to it.

When the fish in damn all die suddenly things in the town go even crazier. Myna has struck up a friendship with Jake and soon realizes something familiar about him. She soon puts together that he is the son up the man that died on the mountain. She and Linnet are hiding a secret about that night and Jake wants answers. What they thought they could keep buried has to come out as does the mystery of who murdered the Professor.

Family secrets, a murder and the mysteries of the geese and fish make for a compelling, interesting story that’s never dull or boring. It’s a very easy read that goes by fast!

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