Book Review: ‘Sissie Klein Is Completely Normal: A Enchanted Rock Series Novel’ By Kris Clink

Sissie Klein, who is sixteen and her best friend Della go away for the weekend with fake IDs and are looking to party. The next morning she wakes up naked next to 23 year old Caleb and all she wants to do is leave. She calls Della from Caleb’s phone and they are out of there. But that’s not the end of it. Weeks later she finds out she’s pregnant. Sisie isn’t sure what to do but decides to keep it and tells Caleb, who is a local boy and whose family lives in town. Caleb at first is shocked but then decides they should get married. He gets a great job thanks to Sissie’s father, a house and soon a new baby girl. There are complications but little Meg makes it. We follow along over the years as Meg growns and Sissie and Caleb start having issues. Years later there’s a threat of divorce but they get back together. Until fates brings a tragic accident and Sissie and an almost 18 year old Meg learn shocking secrets about Caleb and their lives will be changed because of it and Sissie may get a chance to find love again.

Author Kris Clink has written a really good character driven story, with people we want to follow along with and root for. It’s quite an enjoyable ride from start to finish. If you read the first book it also brings back the character of Lark in a pivotal role as well.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, October 19th.

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