Book Review: ‘Single-Minded’ Might Be The Book Of The Year

I’ve read a lot of books this year and a few of them in my mind have been book of the year candidates. Then along comes another one that just blows my mind. Single-Minded by Lisa Duffy (Thomas Dunne Books; in stores Tuesday, June 27) had done that. It’s just an outstanding, well-written and very funny at times look at a woman’s life turned upside down.

Alex and Michael have been married for a long time now and best friends since they were in kindergarten. Alex has a successful business and Michael works for ESPN. They have a great house on the bay and things seem to be going good for them. When Alex gets a call at 5:04 am from her best friend Darcy this can’t be good. A news report with video shows Michael and a top ranked male basketball player making out and it’s reported they have been having an affair. Alex can’t believe it. Her husband isn’t gay or is he?

After finally confronting Michael he tells her it’s true. Alex is in shock. Not in shock is all her friends and family who have long suspected. Alex feels like a fool having never suspected it at all. He’s the only man she has dated and slept with. He begs forgiveness. They divorce months later and Alex has forgiven him and they still remain great close friends.

The problem for Alex is what to do now. She throws herself into her work but worries about finding someone new and even being intimate with anyone else. Her friends are there for her (including Michael who has become a manwhore now that he’s out). They tell her she has to date many men and start getting laid. This will help her with finding Mr. Right. And this is done with hilarious situations. Alex is such a novice with dating.

The more she throws herself into her work, the more frustrated she becomes. She finally has a one night stand with a hot construction guy that works for one of her clients. It goes good but she doesn’t hear from him again. She soon becomes attracted to a new client opening a restaurant. She thinks that he’s gay though. When she finds out he’s not it opens up a whole new world for her (though the thoughts of getting involved with a client unnerves her). So the question is can she let herself go and see what’s in front of her or will she keep running and never find her new Mr. Right.

Can’t say enough good things about this book. I just thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t think I have laughed as much as I have reading this one in a long time! Pick it up on June 27 and you won’t be disappointed.

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