Book Review: ‘The Shimmering Road’ Isn’t Anything Special

Hester Young is back with the follow up to The Gates Of Evangeline with The Shimmering Road (in stores now from G.P. Putnam’s Sons). It’s the middle story of a planned trilogy series.

Disclaimer I did not read the first book of this series. The author does a good job of giving back story on the two main characters of Charlotte (Charlie for short) Cates (who’s pregnant with her second child, her fist died young) and who has psychic dreams that all mean something (and in time she figures out what they mean). Her boyfriend is Noah, recently divorced. They live in a small town in Texas and are looking for a house to buy. They are both well off financially.

When Charlie gets a call telling her that her mother (who left her when she was young and hasn’t talked to her since) and a step sister (she never knew about) have been murdered, it’s doesn’t stir much emotion in Charlie. Then she finds out about a nice, a six-year old girl named Micky. Noah thinks they should go and see the girl and possibly adopt her since she’s family. Charlie is not so sure. They travel to Tucson, where Micky is. As Charley learns about her mother’s life and meets the people involved with her, the more the thinks that this was no ordinary double murder. They start to investigate (and Charley has more dreams she must solve. As they find more evidence it leads to a startling conclusion and puts lives in danger.

It wasn’t bad just nothing exciting. I was actually kind of bored reading it. It was just there for me as a story.

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