Book Review: ‘She’s Up To No Good: A Novel’ By Sara Goodman Confino

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

I will start off by saying this book is great! Might be in my top ten books of the year. Has one of the best characters all year in Grandma, a woman who has no filters and is strong and forecful and fun. Jenna is in shock when her husband Brad announces he’s in love with another woman and wants a divorce and leaves. Jenna goes home to her parents and months later is still there. When Grandma Evelyn announces she’s taking a road trip to her hometown in Massachusetts, up on the North Shore, Jenna goes with her. As the adventure begins, Jenna slowly learns things about Evelyn’s past and she has quite the past. She was in love with Tony at age 17 and wanted to marry him, but her parents forbid it because he wasn’t Jewish. When they get there, Jenna meets Joe, Tony’s newphew and they hit it off. And Grandma reconnects with Tony. Along the way we learn the shocking family secrets and how they relate to today. For both women it’s a time of reflection and moving on from the past. At it’s core it’s about family and the dual era stories play perfectly. This is one not to be missed.

You can pick up She’s Up To No Good in stores on Monday, August 1st.