Book Review: ‘She’s Not Sorry: A Novel’ By Mary Kubica

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Books | 0 comments

Megan Michaels is an ICU nurse, has a sixteen-year-old daughter named Sienna, and an ex-husband named Ben, they’ve been divorced a year now. On this night in the ICU, a young girl named Caitlin is brought in after jumping off a bridge, but it might be changed to attempted murder, in very serious condition, and in a coma. Megan gets assigned to her each shift, and becomes friendly with her parents, and offers them comfort. Megan also meets an old high school friend named Nat at her divorce group, and they start talking and hanging out. Nat is in an abusive relationship, and Megan tries to help her. When Megan starts digging into Nat’s story, things don’t add up, and soon there’s a shocking twist, well many twists, you will need a scorecard, and soon Sienna and Megan’s lives are in serious jeopardy. A real fun, twisty thriller, that once the twists start, they don’t let up. Fans of this genre will really enjoy this one.

You can pick up She’s Not Sorry in stores on Tuesday, April 2nd from Park Row.