Book Review: ‘Shakeup’ Is The Next Fun Stone Barrington Novel By Stuart Woods

by | Oct 17, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

Stone Barrington is once again getting lots of women and involved in helping to solve some murders. As the book begins it’s time for Holly to take the oath of the Presidency and Stone is right there with her. After the balls and some sex they must part ways and live up to their agreement to see each other only when they can in private. While in Washington a dead woman is found the hotel room of Stone. He’s quickly cleared but it causes ripples in Washington.

Back in New York Stone gets a visit from the man whose wife was found in his hotel room. Stone thinks there’s something up with him and soon learns about his life of swinging and he thinks he might have something to do with the murder. Soon Stone is off to Los Angeles where he meets a beautiful starlet, back in New York where he is working with an FBI associate director, who happens to be female and then off the England, where it looks like someone is going to try and rob his home there and of course he hooks with with Dame Felicity.

It all leads back to New York where murders have taken place and Stone is in for the take down of the murders and down for a lot more sex.

Another solid novel in the Stone Barrington series from author Stuart Woods. These books are so much fun to read with great characters like Stone and Dino. They’re easy to read and each one is like a stand-alone story so you can jump right in to read them.

You can pick up Shakeup in stores on Tuesday, October 27th from Putnam.