Book Review: ‘The Shadow List’ Is The Next Exciting Judd Ryker Thriller

Admit it most of us get those fake e-mails telling us that we have won millions of dollars and to click on a link to claim them. They are all scams yet sometimes we fall for them (well not me but almost once). We just hit delete and spam and they’re gone. Well in the new book by Todd Moss The Shadow List (G.P. Putnam’s Sons; in stores now) that is one of the plots of the book.

A young American hedge fund worker gets one and he thinks it’s too good to be true. He reads and re-reads it and concludes it might be legit for this employers. He decides to go to London and see for sure. When he goes to the office there to meet with the people, he’s taken and disappears.

This brings Judd Ryker onto the scene. He’s working on a solution for a Chinese situation in the South China sea. A powerful New York Congressman calls Landon Parker (Judd’s boss) and wants the American found and Judd is put on the case (he doesn’t understand why he should be on this case). Meanwhile in Nigeria a star basketball player has gone to open a center there and is kidnapped. Not wanting word of this to get out, Judd is sent there to find and rescue him (again because of the same New York Congressman).

Meanwhile Judd’s wife Jessica, head of the very secret Purple Cell (that works within the CIA but few people know about it) is given an assignment involving The Bear, a big time Russian criminal. She has to go undercover to meet with him and convince him she is a hired killer that has been working for him.

Jessica knows about Judd’s work and Judd knows some about Jessica but not everything. They have a marriage pact that they agreed to in order to make it work. It gets tougher and tougher on the two of them when situations do arise.

Judd is in Nigeria and secures the release of the basketball player with the help of a big time judge. Meanwhile Jessica is assigned to go to Nigeria (where she knows Judd is) and to kill the judge. Soon their worlds collide in a potential deadly situation. And the businessman with the scam letter, it all ties together in a shocking investigation and arrest. For Judd and Jessica figuring out their next step could be life altering.

I love reading these Judd Ryker stories. Even if you haven’t read any previous ones, author Todd Moss gives enough back story that it’s not an issue. The dual story-lines of Judd and Jessica make it more than your typical political thriller. I look forward each year to the next installment. It’s like visiting old friends and catching up with them.

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