Book Review: ‘Shadow Girl’ Is The Next Afton Tangler Triller In Paperback Tuesday, May 1st

by | Apr 27, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

A helicopter crash, a murder of a rich business man has Afton Tangler helping to solve the crime in Shadow Girl from Gerry Schmitt in stores Tuesday May 1st from Berkley.

A medical helicopter on root to landing and delivering a heart for a transplant is suddenly shot down. The heart was meant for rich Leland Olin, the owner of a shopping network, worth billions. Very few people knew about the heart or his condition. Minneapolis detective Max Montgomery is on the case. He’s assisted by family liason officer Afton Tangler (who’s not a detective) but works with Max to help coordinate his notes and cases.

They start following the case and interviewing potential witnesses. They are at the hospital when Leland is murdered in his room by a man who is posing as a doctor. Afton follows after him but isn’t really a match for him after a fight. She ends up hurt (nothing major). It’s their first break on the case. But it also could cost Afton her life as the killer has found out where she lives and wants revenge for their chase and fight.

Turns out Leland has crossed hairs with a drug dealer and has her stash and she wants it back. She’ll go to any length to get it back. The more digging they do, the closer they get to solving the case, which leads to a climatic showdown that could cost people their lives.

The story is the basic same story as every other cop/action type thriller. Afton Tangler is a strongly written female character. This is the second novel with her (I didn’t read the first one) and look forward to reading the next one.