Book Review: ‘Sex, Lies & Serious Money’ Is The Latest Fun Stone Barrington Novel

Barely home five minutes since his latest adventure Stone Barrington is told by his trusted assistant Joan that he has a guest waiting for him. In walks Laurence Hayward who has recently won a lot of money (a half a billion worth) in the lottery. Advised that Stone would be the perfect person to help him figure out what to do with the money.

Stone is elated with this new client and immediately starts getting him into contact with the right people. Laurence buys a new place worth about $20 million and some really cool cars. He also goes to Ralph Lauren and buys a whole new wardrobe and meets Theresa. She has been with the company for seven years and is good at her job. When she comes one day, she finds her brother Butch (whose been in jail for financial wrong doings). He vows to get his life together and is staying with her for a few days.

Laurence starts dating Theresa and they travel and fall in love. While they are gone Butch and Curly (who was released from jail) learn about Laurence’s place. They decide to rob it while he is out of town. They steal checks and end up with a nice stash. Looking to walk away Butch has decided he’s done with Curly and doing anything wrong. Curly won’t let him be and threatens him.

Stone is also busy traveling, meeting women (and when he says hi to one she is usually in his bed within a few hours). When there’s an attempted robbery at his place, he has more security added. When Curly tries to takes things one step to far, it cost him his life.

Back for this story are Stone’s son, Holly, the Santa Fe crowd and of course Bob the dog. As much as I love reading Stone Barrington novels, this one wasn’t one of the better ones I have read recently. For some reason it just didn’t feel as exciting as some of the past ones I have read. It was good but not at the top of some of the other’s I have read.

You can pick up Sex, Lies & Serious Money (G.P. Putnam’s Sons) on Tuesday, October 25th.

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