Book Review: ‘Setting Free The Kites’ Is A Great Look At Friendship And Heartbreak

Over forty years ago in Haverford, Maine Robert Carter and Nathan Tilly became best friends in middle school, when Nathan saved Robert from the school bully. From that moment on they were inseparable. Robert was born and lived here his whole life. Nathan and his family moved here from Texas.

Nathan is a bit of an adventure taker, while Robert is more reserved. Robert lives with his mother and father and brother Liam, who has a a degenerative muscular disease and could die at any time. Nathan lives with his mom and dad. One day soon after they have been in town Nathan’s dad falls from the roof while flying a kite and dies. This sets Nathan on a path of dare devil adventures.

As the years go on Robert and Nathan hang out with Liam listening to records. They soon go to work at the summer carnival which is owned by Robert’s dad. When Liam finally dies, it sets a path that no one will recover from. Grief, a dumb stunt and a tragic death will forever shape their futures.

Alex George, author of A Good American, writes a profound story of friendship, family and grief. With interesting, well defined characters and kites (when you read the book you’ll understand the title), you’ll be touched by two families that go through more grief than anyone should have to.

Setting Free The Kites is available in stores on Tuesday, February 21 from G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

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