Book Review: ‘Seinfeldia’ Is A Must Read For Fans Of The Show

Seinfeld the show that became a huge pop culture hit. The show that almost didn’t make it. The show that Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld didn’t really want to do. The show that made catch phrases water cooler talk the next morning. The show that had four characters that when you look back weren’t very nice. The show that made billions of dollars!

Jennifer Keishin Armstrong goes behind the show in her new book Seinfeldia (in stores now) and gives all the details on how the show was made and how it survived on the air for nine seasons. She gets all the details from the time Jerry was approached to doing the show up until Jerry turned down $5 million an episode to continue the show (must be nice to say thanks but no thanks). As much fun as watching the show was, behind the scenes it was crazy. From Larry David’s style of working, to new writers constantly being brought in, having to deal with the cast, money and NBC, things were not always easy.

Jennifer talks to the people that worked on the show, researches every little detail about the show, explains how certain stories and catch phrases came about. In short after reading this book you shouldn’t have any questions about the show!

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