Book Review: ‘I See You’ Is An Exciting Thriller With A Twist Ending

It’s only February and I already have a book that may be the book of the year. I See You by Clare Mackintosh (Berkely; in stores Tuesday, February 21), is a thrilling ride from page one, to the shocking twist ending that you do not see coming.

It’s another day in London for Zoe Walker. She leaves the house to take the long ride to her office job for eight hours and then take the train for the long ride home. She comes home to have dinner with her two kids Katie (an aspiring actress at age 19) and her son Justin (age 23 working at a cafe), from her marriage with her ex Matt (he cheated on her, the kids don’t know this). She currently also lives with Simon. As she’s riding home reading the paper she sees the classified ads and an ad for a site called (a personals ad or a cover for an escort service). She sees what looks like her picture. She is shocked by this.

Each day she sees the ad and sees different women. Then she starts seeing news stories about women that have been attacked or even murdered. Fearing for her life she goes to the police. They are working the other cases and don’t seem to think the cases are related at first. When a mysterious man keeps running into Zoe on the train she fears something is up.

The website has no contact info or way to sign up unless you can figure out a code for it. When the police finally crack it, they discover that it’s a site someone has set up that follows women and learns all the patterns. For a few you get info on where they will be and when is a good time to try and meet them. Basically a personals website (that the women don’t know anything about or have consented to).

The more the police search, the more frustrated they become. Whoever has made this site has covered their tracks really good. Then one day Zoe makes a shocking discovery and figures out who is responsible. It puts her life at risk. As time is running out she has to figure out a way to save her life.

Then comes the shocking twist of twists and we learn that there’s more than one person involved with the site and someone you never saw coming. Your chin will drop and you’ll say WTF when you read this!

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