Book Review: ‘Secretly Yours: A Novel’ By Tessa Bailey

by | Feb 3, 2023 | Books | 0 comments

Set in St. Helena, California, Hallie Welch is at a crossroads. Her Grandmother has just died, and now she has inherited the gardening business. She’s also drinking a lot at her favorite winery. When Julian Vos, a professor, returns to town, it brings up memories for Hallie, and how they almost kissed in high school. Hallie offers to help out at his families vineyards, to refurbish it. He agrees, and it’s strictly business, as he has a novel to finish. Then Julian finds a letter, sent by a woman from his past. He can’t keep her out of his mind, and soon things become hot and heavy between them, and it throws everything off for him. Is he ready for love, and a relationship? Another fun, steamy rom-com for Tessa Bailey. I really enjoy her books, and this is another winner. Fans of this genre will be happy.

You can pick up Secretly Yours in stores on Tuesday, February 7th from William Morrow.