Book Review: ‘Secret Sisters’ Shows That The Past Can Never Stay Hidden

Best selling author Jayne Ann Krentz is back with a mystery/love story novel that shows that as hard as you try secrets can never stay buried.

18 years ago Madeline and Daphne were best friends and called themselves secret sisters. One night a man tried to rape young Madeline at her Grandmothers hotel in the Northwest US and luckily Daphne was able to help save her. The attack was stopped and the man was murdered and buried on the land of the hotel. Everyone swore to secrecy and went their own way.

Now mysterious things are happening that bring that fateful night back up. Madeline’s grandmother dies in a fire, the caretaker of the hotel calls and says things have happened. Madeline races to him to find him near death (he’s been murdered) and the killer is still there.

Know the past is rearing it’s ugly head, Madeline calls Daphne (who’s apartment has been broken into) and tells her that she needs to see ASAP (they haven’t talked in 18 years). Also along with Madeline is her head of security Jack Raynor (there is an attraction between the two of them). Along the way Jack and Madeline cannot resist each other but at what price? The both have emotional issues.

As they begin to investigate the circumstances of what happened and what is happening, their lives are in danger. Will they be able to solve the case before it’s too late?

A love story, mystery and fun characters makes Secret Sisters (Berkley Hardcover, December 8) a fun read.

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