Book Review: ‘Second Chance Friends’ Is A Story Of Friendship

A tragic car accident forever bonds four people.

When three women witness a tragic accident involving a school bus and a young expectant couple it forever changes their lives. Karen, Melinda and Joanna have never met before. When the accident happens three of them rush to help out. On one side of the accident is a bus full of school kids. And then there’s Michael and Maddie (who is pregnant). Michael has died instantly and Maddie is rescued.

We soon learn what is going on in their lives. Karen is a single grandmother who has really never had a serious relationship in her life. She also has a son who keeps getting in trouble with the law and his baby momma keeps hitting Karen up for money. Melinda is a emergency first responder and has a great husband Paul. She’s also keeping a big secret from him that blows up in her face and may cost her Paul. Joanna is an in the closer lesbian struggling with her sexuality.

These three women come together at the scene of the accident and form a bond of friendship that they never would have expected. They seek out Maddie and try to help her out. Maddie is depressed and suicidal and it takes everything they can to help her. Along the way they discover things about themselves and change their lives for the better. Had this accident not happened they may have gone on with the way they were living (and that’s not in a good way).

Jennifer Scott has written a touching story of love, friendship and compassion that shows the bond of what true friendship can and should be. She forces the women in the book to confront themselves and make positive changes in their lives.

You can pick up Second Chance Friends in stores May 5.

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