Book Review: ‘Say Nothing’ Is A Good Thriller From Brad Parks

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A surprising text for Judge Scott Simpson, a Federal District judge, from his wife Alison. Wednesday afternoons are usually his swimming time with his twins Sam and Emma. So he stays at work and then heads home to his family. He’s at home when Alison arrives and asks where the kids are. She says you’re suppose to have them, she never sent a text. And so the nightmare starts. Where are the kids?

Scott gets a text telling him that kids are fine and if they want to get them back not to call any police, FBI or law enforcement, and instructions will come soon. He’s told to follow instructions about an upcoming drug case he’s presiding over. When he does as he’s told (and faces severe backlash over his verdict), Sam is returned to them. Emma is still being held. This was a test he passed.

A bigger case involving a pharmaceutical case is really what they’re after. As Scott goes over the case knowing he should recuse himself, he has to do things to get the case heard quickly and to go the way the kidnappers want.

As little clues start to pile up, Scott becomes suspicious of everyone around him. And with good reason. He starts to put the clues together and soon discovers that the people responsible could be the people closest to him.

A really thrilling debut standalone novel by Brad Parks. With twists and surprises at almost every turn, you’ll won’t want to put the book down until the shocking end.

Say Nothing (Dutton; is in stores on Tuesday, March 7th).

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