Book Review: ‘Say No More’ Is The Next Exciting Gravediggers Story Centered On Dante

Liliana Hart is back with book three in her Gravediggers series title Say No More (in stores now). This book centers on Dante and his past, which catches up with him in the present.

The Gravediggers is a secret organization that not even the President of the United States knows about. Only the people that run it do. It selects people to be a part of it by killing them and then bringing them back to live to work for them. They have to forget about their previous live and are contracted to do secret missions that help protect the world.

The previous two books each centered on one of the main characters in the group and this book is all about Dante. He’s ex M16 and as we find out he was also a wanted criminal. He was damn good at stealing until one day Eve (who is the boss of the Gravediggers) caught up with him and gave him an option. He choose to join the group. His past has been for the most part kept silent from the rest of his brotherhood.

Liv Rothschild has a twin sister who was kidnapped when they were six years old shopping at the mall. She was never found or heard of again. Years later in England working with Interpol her path crossed with Dante and they fell in love. She had no idea about his criminal side. The day he vanished from her life left yet another hold in her heart.

Today a situation has arisen where Russian nuclear codes have been given to a son of a criminal in Dubai and Dante is given a solo assignment to go and recover them before they are auctioned off (he’s also told he can steal a famous painting as part of his payment for doing the job). While there he makes a shocking discovery of Liv’s twin sister alive and married to the Sultan’s son (he has the codes). Liv is also there trying to rescue young girls from a sex slave ring. They run into each other and Dante has some explaining to do. They are caught and held in a dungeon when the other Gravediggers show up and rescue them (they figured out Dante was on a mission). And they learned Dante’s past which now is causing friction because they never knew.

Liv is know being held with them because she knows all about the group. They are all sent on assignment to get the codes and to try and free the girls. It all leads to a climactic showdown and a surprise wedding. Dante and Liv assess their future and we await the birth of Tess and Deacon’s baby.

Another fun story of the Gravediggers which if you haven’t read them also involves very graphic sex (and these guys are such studs, always satisfying their women). I like how each story centers on one character so we get to know them without excluding the whole group. Also there’s a very fun AI voiced by Elaine who always has me laughing. I am wondering if she will get her own story one of these months? Until then you can pick up this one or even start with book one and catch up as they are very easy to read quickly!

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