Book Review: ‘Santa Monica: A Novel’ By Cassidy Lucas

by | Sep 25, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

The debut novel from author Cassidy Lucas is an average thriller with some twists and turns that keep the reader engaged throughout. The characters are well-written and the setting of Santa Monica plays nicely into the story. It’s a good look at the lives of the rich in Southern California.

A dead body starts out the story as Zach Doheny, a handsome fitness coach and wanna be actor, is found dead in the gym he works in. The community is shocked, as he was very popular with the rich society women he worked with.

The story then backtracks several months and we follow and learn about Zach and his life. He wasn’t making a lot of money at the gym and had a scam going on with Regina, who was secretly broke (she was rich at one point), by embezzling money from his rich employer. He also had to help his sister Lettie, an illegal immigrant that was in trouble with the law and may be deported, who has a young son, that Zach may have to take care of.

Then there’s Mel who is married to Adam and thinks he’s having an affair and she starts one with Zach, which quickly gets out of control. Zach soon makes bad choices and it leads to him doing stupid things, that cost him his life.

You can pick up Santa Monica in stores on Tuesday, October 6th from Harper.