Book Review: ‘Round Midnight’ Is Gripping Story Of Four Women Who All Have A Connection To Each Other

A gripping story of four women who have a lot in common but don’t really know that, ‘Round Midnight from Laura McBride (Touchstone Hardcover; in stores Tuesday, May 2).

Las Vegas is the setting for the story. June has escaped to Las Vegas looking for excitement. She soon meets Del and they get married and have a son. They also open a casino the El Capitan and soon are very wealthy. It’s the early days of Vegasin the 50’s. They hire a Eddie, a talented Africa-American singer, who brings in the crowds. June is smitten with him and soon has an affair with him. She finds herself pregnant and prays the baby will be Marshalls. It isn’t and Marshall takes the baby from June and gives her away. June never knew what happened to her.

Coral who was adopted into a family when Del brought the baby to the family one night. She is June’s daughter but doesn’t know it. When she learns she was left by Del she assumes he was her father.

Honorata from the Philippines. She was given to a man Jimbo in Chicago by her uncle, who was wealthy and believed that she loved him and wanted to marry him. When they went to Vegas to the El Capitan she hit a jackpot and became rich. She left Jimbo and started a life of her own. She was also pregnant with his child but never told him.

Engracia who was an illegal immigrant working at the El Capitan and who also cleaned houses including Honorata’s place.

As the years go by they are all living their lives in Vegas all near each other. The one thing they all have in common is the El Capitan and June. Things come to a head years later when Jimbo shows up having found out about his daughter and Coral sees a picture of June.

It’s a story of love, heartbreak, emotional experiences and learning the past and secrets can never stay hidden forever.

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