Book Review: Robert B. Parker’s ‘The Devil Wins’ Is The Next Great Jesse Stone Novel

A snowstorm, dead bodies, his ex-wife and his drinking. It must be another Jesse Stone novel.

A big snow storm is about to hit Paradise, Massachusetts and Jesse Stone is driving around to make sure everything is looking okay. When a building collapses no one is expecting what they find. Below the rubble are 3 dead bodies. Two are high school girls that disappeared over 25 years ago. Everyone assumed the girls had ran away from town. The third body is unrecognizable with the exception of some unique tattoos.

Now Jesse, Suit, Molly Crane (who knew the girls back in the day) have these murders and a fourth one as well to solve. The town wants answers and there are none. The more investigating he does, the more he learns they’re a lot of secrets in this small town.

Between his drinking, his ex-wife, his shrink and a hot medical examiner who wants more than friendship, it’s all Jesse can do to solve all these murders. Slowly the clues add up and with the help of a stranger in town Jesse may just be able to solve all these murders.

Reed Farrel Coleman has taken over the writing duties of the series and has done a good job with this story. I look forward to more Jesse Stone books from him. The Devil Wins (G.P. Putnam’s Sons out on September 8).

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