Book Review: ‘Robert B. Parker’s Someone To Watch Over Me: A Spenser Novel’ By Ace Atkins

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

Spenser has a new protege that is a spitfire. Her name is Mattie Sulivan and 10 years ago he helped take down her mother’s killer. Now she wants to learn from the best. She learns about a 15 year old girl who was given $500 to ‘massage’ a man with a foot fetish in an upscale Boston club. He did a little more than that when she was doing her gig and she ended up leaving her bag and laptop. Mattie has tried to get it back with no luck. Spenser gets involved and soon learns that the creepy man is a very man named Peter, who has a lot of influence and has gotten out of many potential charges over the years. They soon learn there’s a trail of young girls and Spenser and Mattie work to get them to tell their stories. It leads to some tense confrontations and some serious fights (thank goodness for the awesome Hawk as backup). Spenser and Hawk end up going to Peter’s private island and there’s a final showdown, that leads to some dead bodies. Also the Gray Man is back (he shot and almost killed Spenser in a previous story) and Spenser is itching for revenge. And then there’s the new Pearl the dog (puppy) and it has conflicting emotions for Susan.

This is another great Spenser novel from author Ace Atkins. He has been writing them for years and has it down pat. It’s one of my favorite series to read every year. Another top knotch novel from beginning to end.

You can pick up Robert B. Parker’s Someone To Watch Over Me: A Spenser Novel in stores on Tuesday, January 12th from Putnam.