Book Review: Robert B. Parker’s ‘Debt To Pay (Jesse Stone Novel)’

Jesse Stone is back and what has been a quite time in his life is about to suddenly change for the worse.

Things in Paradise have been quiet for a while (with the exception of some tires blownout) and that’s how Jesse Stone likes it. He’s stopped drinking, is selling his place and has a good thing going with Diana Evans. All this is about to change. What he doesn’t know yet is that Mr. Peepers is back and looking for revenge.

When Gino Fish is found dead (ruled a suicide) it doesn’t add up for Jesse. He looks into it more and finds more questions than answers. As his ex Jenn is about to get married in Dallas, Jesse has decided not to go much to her chagrin. When Jesse gets an picture sent that seems to be targeting Jenn he puts it together that it’s Peppers. Everyone in his life and that was involved with what happened to him is now targeted. Jesse puts into motion a plan to save Jenn and to try and capture Peppers (who always seems to be one step ahead of Jesse). As Jesse presumes to know what will happen, he suddenly figures out Peppers has changed the plan and it’s a race against time to save the people he cares about the most.

It builds to a shocking climax and a tragic death that will shake the foundation for the future of Jesse and Paradise.

Reed Farrel Coleman continues the series in dramatic, tragic fashion. You can pick up Debt To Pay in stores on Tuesday, September 13th from G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

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