Book Review ‘Robert B. Parker’s Bye Bye Baby: The 50th Spenser Novel’ By Ace Atkins

The 50th book in the Spenser series and 10th from author Ace Atkins is another great novel in the series. Everything you would want in the book is here…sarcastic Spenser, the love of his life Susan, his new Pearl dog, Vinnie and of course the awesome Hawk. These books are so much fun to read and Ace Atkins as usual does another awesome job in writing it. Spenser gets into the world of politics in Boston as he’s asked to help guard U.S. member of the house Carolina Garcia-Ramirez (think of AOC in the House now), who goes by her initials CGR. She’s running for re-election and has had threats against her. Spencer is asked to provide security even though she doesn’t want it. Soon it’s feared someone inside her organization is leaking info to her opponent and an attempt is made on her life, which Spenser stops. And on top of that the Feds are working undercover as well on her security and the people known as the Minutemen, a white supremicist group, who is out to get her. Spencer and Hawk work doubletime to protect her and to flush out the bad guys, which means fights and dead bodies along the way. Hawk also gets some shocking news about his personal life.

You can pick up Bye Bye Baby in stores on Tuesday, January 18th from Putnam.

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