Book Review: ‘River Road’ Is A Good Old Fashioned Thriller

The author of fourteen novels, Carol Goodman is back with her latest, River Road (On-sale now; Touchstone books). A thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end.

Nan Lewis lost her daughter to a drunk driver years ago on a bad stretch of road called River Road. A college teacher getting ready for the holiday breaks, she learns she has been denied tenure at her school. Leaving a holiday party (after having a few drinks) she hits the stretch of River Road and hits a deer and slides off the road. The weather is getting pretty bad and she looks for the deer but never finds it. After wondering off and passing out she finds her car and sees some damage. She makes it home and passes out.

The next morning she finds the police at her door questioning her about a hit and run the night before that killed a very gifted student. With the damage to her car she looks guilty. She swears she hit a deer and nothing more. Recalling her daughter’s death, this hits home.

As she tries to clear her name, more potential suspects emerge and secrets that she never knew about start to come to life. The more she digs, the more trouble she gets in and has to fight to save her very life.

A fun, intense thriller that will keep you guessing who did it. I thought I had it figured out and then found out I was wrong!

You can pick up River Road now in stores.

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