Book Review: ‘Ring Of Fire (A Pike Logan Thriller)

Brad Taylor is back with the latest Pike Logan thriller Ring Of Fire (in stores Tuesday, January 10; Dutton Books). It’s his eleventh adventure with Pike and the Taskforce.

The story starts out pre 9/11. Dexter Washington a defense contractor is looking to get his business going. He makes a deal with a Saudi business man. It brings him a lot of money and he’s well on his way to a successful business. What he doesn’t know is this leads to the horror of 9/11.

Years later when the Panama Papers are about to have a second drop released, it could ruin him, if he’s mentioned in them (he had offshore accounts). And it turns out the original account that he though was closed all those years ago has been active and can implicate him (even though he has done nothing wrong).

Kurt Hale from the Taskforce is also worried about what could be in those papers since his organization is secret. He send Pike and Jennifer to go to the Bahamas where a meeting with a reporter is taking place and to try and get a copy of what’s in them. When Pike is following the lead, the man is murdered. This sets off a chain of events that have Pike and the crew traveling to Spain and Morocco.

After a couple of terrorist attacks (in Vegas and Houston) the country is on high alert. As Pike and the crew are digging, they find more than they bargained for and discover a whole new plot is about to take place in the United States. It’s a race against the clock to stop the terrorists before they can carry out their plan.

It’s fun reading these books once a year. It’s like visiting old friends that I’ve known for a while. You know what to expect but there’s some surprises along the way. It’s the same with every new Pike Logan book. If you haven’t read one before, no need to worry. Brad gives quick backstory so you know who’s who and what is going on.

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