Book Review: ‘Reluctantly Charmed’ Is A Magical Read


Review by Ann McDonald

In the spirit of Cecelia Ahearn and Regina McBride, a lighthearted and relatable debut novel about an advertising copywriter who upends her ordinary life and captures the attention of the world after publishing a seven-part treatise on the existence of fairies.

Kate McDaid is a redheaded 26 year-old woman, daughter to Teresa and Noel McDaid and only female descendant in 130 years of the McDaid line. Kate works in an ad agency in Dublin, Ireland and she is celebrating her 26th Birthday with her work colleagues when she receives a letter from a lawyer’s office requesting her presence in their offices the following Monday for the reading of Kate McDaid’s will. It turns out that this lawyer’s office has waited 130 years for the reading of said will. Kate’s parents agree to go with her and it turns out that Kate is to inherit the estate of her ancestor.

But there is a catch: she is not told what the estate is, or where it is and there are conditions that must be met in order for her to claim her inheritance. It seems this Kate McDaid might have been a witch and was in cahoots with the fairies and it turns out that they are not very happy with mankind at the moment. If she wants the inheritance, she must publish seven letters, or steps, and they must be made public and only then, will she be entitled to her heirloom. That is the kernel of the story and author Ellie O’Neill has a very good read on her hands.

She fills out her characters very well and you become very invested in the plot. When Kate publishes the first step online, the whole story takes off and havoc ensues as the reaction to the fairies’ letter causes all sorts of shenanigans for Kate and you have no choice but to ride the wave along with her. The book is fun and a very good first effort with lots of tours around my hometown of Dublin, especially the pubs, filled with lots of chats and afternoon tea. A happy summer read. Highly recommended.

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Ann McDonald

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