Book Review: ‘Relativity’

Relativity (Gallery Books Paperback; in stores January 3) is the debut novel from author Antonia Hayes. An interesting mix of family, secrets, bullying and an adorable child.

Twelve year old Ethan Forsythe is a very smart, talented boy who’s obsessed with physics and astronomy (think Stephen Hawking meets Rain Man). He was raised by his mother Claire alone. His father left when he was just a baby and he has never been given a real reason why until now. When his father Mark returns to see his father, who is dying, he wants to see his own son. Claire is against it. Ethan soon learns about his dad being back and secretly goes and sees him.

Ethan is getting to know his dad and soon learns the truth about why Mark left. Ethan is also bullied at school and soon acts out getting into a viscous fight with a classmate. Ethan also starts to have serious medical issues and has to undergo an operation. This seems to be bringing his parents closer together after all these years. In flashbacks we learned what happened all those years ago and where Mark has been. Can Claire and Mark put the past behind them and reunite in the present for the sake of their son?

The story is based on things that happened in Antonia’s own life and she wrote about some of it in the novel. My only complaint about the book is the ending (and you have to read it to understand why I didn’t like it).

Pick it up for yourself on Tuesday, January 3.

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