Book Review: ‘The Red Hunter’ Starts A Bit Slow But Ends Strong

Lisa Unger is back with The Red Hunter (Touchstone; in stores Tuesday, April 25), a stand alone story of two women, who had tragic things happen to them, whose lives intersect with almost devastating consequences.

Claudia Bishop was married and trying to start a family living in New York. All that got shattered one night when she was sexually assaulted in her apartment. She ended up pregnant and wasn’t sure who the father of her daughter was. And she didn’t want to find out. As far as she was concerned Ayers (her husband) was the father. They both agreed to it and to raise Raven. Things didn’t work out for the two of them and fifteen years later Claudia was in an old house and barn she inherited and decided to redo and make it an online blog.

Zoey Drake witnessed the murder of her parents one night when sneaking out to meet her boyfriend. The robbers/murderers at her house where looking for stolen money. Money her dad said wasn’t there. She ended up living with and being raised by her uncle Paul. She also decided she would never be a victim again and training in martial arts.

Now years later her past and present collide when she has found out who some of the people were that murdered her parents. She embraces the rage as The Red Hunter. She’s determined to get revenge.

Now Claudia and Zoey are on a collision course and the thing the binds them is the old house. The money was never recovered and is still believed to be somewhere in that old house. Claudia living there know brings together the past with today and it leads to a thrilling climax with some twists in regards to the money and what really happened all those years ago with Zoey.

Lisa goes back and forth between the two women and the past so all questions are answered and we know the who, what, where and why things happened. I love reading a good thriller and this one fits the bill. A bit slow and confusing at first but picks right up and you understand everything by the end.

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