Book Review: ‘Recipe For A Perfect Wife’ By Karma Brown

by | Dec 22, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Two women from different time periods have one thing in common, they’re bot will have lived in the same house.

In the 1950’s Nellie Murdoch live in her house with her husband Richard. He seemed liked the perfect man and after they were married she found out he wasn’t. He would often abuse her when he got pissed off. He wanted a baby badly and Nellie really didn’t with him. She would cook a lot of stuff following her mother’s recipes and leave notes as well in the cookbook. She would also write letters to her mother telling her what was going on in her life.

Forward to today and Alice and Nate are looking for a house to get out of their small apartment in the city. Alice is content where they live. She has just lost her job in PR (she told her husband she quit) but was fired. She plans to write a novel. They find this house that needs a lot of work and Nate insists they buy it. Nate is also ready to start a family, something Alice wants but not right now.

While in the basement she finds Nellie’s cookbook and becomes fascinated with her. She starts cooking and following the recipes. She also gets Nellie’s letters that she wrote to her mother from her neighbor, whose mother was friends with Nellie. The more she reads and researches Nellie, the more she feels like she has a lot in common with her and even starts to act like her a bit.

The story alternates between both women’s lives and we soon learn that the both liked to keep secrets from their husbands. As the story progresses we learn a shocking secret about Nellie and Alice begins to wonder about her own marriage.

Author Karma Brown has written a fascinating story about two women years apart from each other who have more in common than they will ever know. Reading about Nellie’s story along with Alice works perfectly here. And if you like to cook there are lots of great recipes throughout the book that will also make you hungry. A great book to end the year with!

You can pick up Recipe For A Perfect Wife in stores on Tuesday, December 31st from Dutton.