Book Review: ‘The Real Liddy James’ Is A Delightful Read

So I have a lady that does some of the book reviews for this site. This book was scheduled to go to her to review. Something came up and she was delayed in getting a stack of books from me. So when I finished my stack I needed something to read. I grabbed this book and read the press notes. I figured I would give it a shot (and honestly wasn’t all that interested). Well am I an idiot. This book is so DAMN GOOD!

Liddy James is a high-powered Manhattan divorce attorney, best selling author and woman on the go at all times. She is 44 years old, divorced from Peter (she had a one night stand that resulted in one of her sons Cal, and Matty fathered by Peter). She had an amicable divorce and actually gave him a lot more tha maybe he deserved. Peter is currently with Rose and they all get along and even have a family dinner once a week.

Liddy is not the best mother, has help with the kids, the dog and has a driver. She represents famous people and is sometimes featured with prominent interviews. Her son Matty is a teenager and acting every bit of one. He primarily stays with his dad. When Rose discovers she’s pregnant (it wasn’t planned) and has some problems, Matty is forced to go live with Mom (which he doesn’t want to do).

As problems crop up with Liddy the stress starts to get to be too much and she has a break down during a live TV interview, which goes viral. When a fellow lawyer friend offers her his place in Ireland, she takes him up on the offer and takes the boys for the summer. Once there she starts to discover who she really is, how to be a mom and to slow down and think before she does anything. She also might discover love again.

You can pick up The Real Liddy James by Anne-Marie Casey (G.P. Putnam’s Sons; Tuesday, September 20th in stores).

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