Book Review: ‘Racing To The Finish: My Story’ By Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is A Look At His Final Racing Years

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is part of racing royalty. His dad and grandfather were a part of Nascar and Dale, who is known as just Jr., was one of the most popular racers during his racing years. He never won a championship but won a lot of races and popularity awards. Behind all that Dale was hiding and not facing reality. He tells his story in this book. It is not his biography, there are stories he tells, but his story of his concussions, his denials and finally his reality.

Dale has had concussions over the years. He would hide them and continue to race. He would keep diaries of what he was feeling and thinking. He prints some of these diaries and we get to see what he was going through. He was denying and then admitting his health. He wanted to race and at times was reckless for being behind the wheel. He would get medical help get cleared, suffer more concussions and health issues. He would again hide them and race. Finally he had to face reality and admit what he was doing.

He goes into great details his symptoms, his feelings, how his family and his employers Hendrick sports were feeling and how they stood by him. It’s a deeply personal story that he shares. He is not known as a man of a lot of words but he lets his feelings and thoughts be known in this book.

For anyone that is a fan of Jr., Nascar or has had concussions/medical issues this is a book that should be read.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, October 16.

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