Book Review: ‘The Queen Of Blood’ Is A Good Beginning To A New Magical Series

Sarah Beth Durst makes her adult debut with the first of what is suppose to be a series of books with The Queen Of Blood (Harper Voyage; in stores Tuesday, September 20). In reading the notes this wasn’t the first book in the series. There’s another one already written that the publisher read first and decided that shouldn’t be the first book (so I assume the second one is already to go).

The spirits have created and maintained the land. The Queen is the only one that can completely control them. There are children that are born that can control and taught to control the spirits as well and can become heirs to be the Queen, once the current one dies. They go to a special school to learn.

This story centers around Daleina, who’s one of these special children who control spirits. She has wanted to Queen since the was little. She enters the school and is learning everything she needs to know.

The current is Queen Fara. When villages are being destroyed by spirits some question if it’s time to replace Fara. One of them is one of her champions Ven (who also has a special relationship with the Queen). When he threatens to call her out he’s banished.

He ends up taking Daleina under his wing to teach her everything she will need to enter the competition to be a heir and maybe one day Queen.

It’s an epic fantasy of teaching these special girls how to use their powers and maybe one day be Queen in a battle between good and bad.

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