Book Review: ‘Put A Ring On It’ Is One Fun Read

Do you believe in love at first site or seeing someone and knowing they are the one? Beth Kendrick has written a really fun book about taking chances, letting go and possibly love at first site.

Brighton Smith has her life planned out. She has a good paying job, a fiancé and time table for things. Of course the best laid plans always hit a detour. After a big fight with her boyfriend, who’s about to take the bar exam to be a lawyer, he asks for the ring back. Shocked she gives it back and is not sure what the deal is.

She receives a call from an old friend Kira, who has moved not to far from her, inviting her to come visit. At work Brighton is distracted and decides to leave sick and calls Kira and says she is on the way to Black Dog Bay, the place where people with broken hearts go to. While waiting for Kira, she investigates the town. Going into a jewelry shop (something that is a passion of hers) she meets the owner Lila. They start talking and Brighton notices the stuff in the shop and comments on it.

Later that day Kira and Brighton are meeting for drinks and see a hot guy named Jake. He’s the local stud that woman turn to for rebounds. He’s also a self made millionaire. Kira and Brighton kind of brush him off. When Kira leaves, Brighton gets a call from her boyfriend that he has eloped with another girl. He said they saw each other and just knew. She is shocked. Returning to the bar and seeing Jake, he starts buying drinks. She tells him her story and tells Jake to do something out of the ordinary he wouldn’t do with any other girl. He proposes they get married as well. She is shocked and decides why not. As they drink more and head on his private plane to Vegas, she can’t believe what she’s doing. They soon are married and she drunk texts picks to her ex.

In the sober moment of the next day she realizes what she has done. Agreeing to a few weeks of staying married, she soon has the best sex of her life with Jake and they start to get to know each other. He’s care free, doesn’t really care about his money or possessions.

The more time they spend together, the more they come to the conclusion this could be fun or a big mistake. Brighton is starting to fall for Jake. When his past comes back to town it threatens what could be their future. Will Jake let go of his emotional baggage and have a future with her?

A really well written book with a great story and fun characters. I couldn’t put it down. One of my top 10 books of the year!

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, November 3.

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