Book Review: ‘The Prisoner’ Is The Next Great John Wells Thriller

After saying he was done they sucked him back in.

After finishing up his last mission, John Wells has gone off the grid. He swears he done and just wants to be left alone. He buys a cabin in Montana with no electricity, no phone, no internet and no one around to bother him. When he goes into town to get supplies he checks his mail and messages and is surprised to find a message from Anne and that he has a daughter he didn’t know about. Heading off to New Hampshire to be a dad to little Emmie is the only thing he wants to do. And it works for a couple of years.

Then they suck him back in. When he meets with an old friend, he finds out that there is a spy in the CIA based on intel from a Bulgarian prison. A secret plan is hatched to send Wells undercover in the prison to find out who might be the spy and what terrorist plans are being hatched. He leaves Anne and Emmie knowing that he might never see them again. He gets his cover and starts on his mission and soon he makes it to the prison (a brutal place to survive in). The longer he’s in prison, the more dangerous the mission becomes. Soon he has enough information to get released and try to stop a massive terrorist plot.

Alex Berenson’s eleventh novel in the series is a thrill ride. John Wells is one fun character to read and follow on his adventures. The Prisoner is available in stores on Tuesday, January 31 from G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

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