Book Review: ‘The Princess Diarist’ By Carrie Fisher Is An Awesome Read

Carrie Fisher is best known as Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies. In her new book The Princess Diariest (in stores now from Blue Rider Press) she details how she got the part, how they came up with the hairdo and her affair with Harrison Ford.

The book is a very minor biography as she talks about her childhood, getting a part in Shampoo with Warren Beatty and goes into how she got the part in Star Wars. It’s a good behind the scenes look at the audition, how she felt about it and getting the part. Then shifts into the filming in London and how her affair with Harrison began and everything she was feeling.

As she was preparing to return to the franchise she found diaries from her time of filming the original movie and has included them in this book. All her feelings, insecurities and how a 19 year old girl alone in one of the biggest movies ever really felt.

The last part of the book goes into what life as a celebrity is like, her feelings on conventions and the fans.

It’s a really interesting insight into the woman who was an idol for millions of men when she had on that bikini! You get to know a side of her never before seen.

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