Book Review: ‘Primal Calling’ Is A Really Good Novel By Barry Eisenberg

This is author Barry Eisenberg’s debut novel and it’s really good. A solid thriller, with well-written characters, that starts are fast and never lets up. I really enjoyed it.

For high-school senior Jack Davies things have been going good. He is a solid student, has a good relationship with his mother (he never knew his father as he was told it was a sperm donor) and is ready to go off to college. One day while looking through the attic he finds his birth certificate and learns his father’s name and that his mother lied to him about who his father is. Jack decides to try and find him.

He tries everything he can but is having little luck. He learns a few things about him but it seems this person has vanished or never excised. The more he digs it flags down certain people and then Jack is taken against his will one day and meets his father. But just who is this guy and what does he do that Jack is warned to keep quiet about him?

You can pick up Primal Calling in stores now.

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