Book Review: ‘Pride And Prejudice And Mistletoe’ Is A Delightful Romantic Tale

Melissa de la Cruz is well know for her books Descendants (Disney), Alex and Eliza, Blue Bloods and one of my favorites Witches Of East End. She’s back with her latest a delightful, romantic tale set at Christmas time about letting go of the past and finding love.

Darcy Fitzwilliam is 29 years old and living in New York City. She’s beautiful, successful and rich. She left her home town of Pemberley, Ohio eight years ago and has been somewhat estranged from her family since then. She’s dates and hangs out with the rich and famous. She’s had an off and on again boyfriend Carl since high school. He just doesn’t seem to be the one for her. Her father has pressured her to marry him and that’s one of the reasons she left home and has barely talked with her dad.

Now her mother has had a heart attack days before Christmas. Darcy is returning home after all these years to see and check up on her. She’s happy to see her family but her dad is cool toward her. And leaving work is hard for her to do. Her mother is doing fine and when she arrives it’s time for the annual big Christmas party. Darcy doesn’t want to go but is persuaded to. She runs into lots of people she knew before she left.

She also runs into the very good looking Luck Bennett, from a family of five brothers and someone she didn’t like in high school. After a few drinks and mistletoe they end of kissing. She didn’t want to like it but it she did and it awakened something in her. When they run into each other again and find themselves under mistletoe they kiss again. Again she loves it.

After a night of Christmas Carols and more drinks they end up in bed together. Nothing happened but she can’t stop thinking about him. Then she sees him with another woman and finds out he’s gotten engaged. She’s furious and goes back to Carl and agrees to marry him. But she doesn’t think it’s right and can’t stop thinking about Luke. After a blowup with Luke and he tells her some horrible things, the knows nothing will happen with him.

Of course this doesn’t keep them apart. Both realize they are making a mistake marrying people they shouldn’t and decide to start dating. Then Darcy thinks back to the things Luke said to her and now she’s not sure. Can they work their way through issues or is it too late for them.

It’s a romantic, holiday twist on the Jane Austen classic and it works on every level. In Hollywood terms it’s a great Romantic-Comedy. The characters are well written, with some really funny laugh out loud moments.

You can pick up Pride And Prejudice And Mistletoe in stores on Tuesday, October 17th from St. Martin’s Press.

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