Book Review: ‘Poison’ Shows One Woman’s Fight For Survival

A seemingly happy marriage suddenly turns deadly and one woman has to fight to save her life and her children.

Cass and Ryan seem to have a happy marriage. He is her second husband after her first (who she had two kids with) died of leukemia. She wasn’t looking for anyone but Ryan showed up. She courted her and won her heart and that of her kids. They got married and she ended up pregnant with his child. They moved from New York to a house in Maine which needed some work. He has a good job as an architect and Cass teaches college four days a week.

Everything seemed to be going good until Ryan started changing. Cass noticed little things and she accused him of having an affair. He denied it and she seemed to believe him. But something nagged at her and she ended up having his phone cloned so she could see who he was talking to and what he was doing. On a family weekend getaway he started getting violent with her. He also wanted her to hire a new nanny/housekeeper to help out (he didn’t like the woman they had).

Soon they separate and Cass is not feeling good. She’s getting sick, bleeding and is worried she’s being poisoned by Ryan. Ryan even has told her that he was going to kill her (jokingly but in her heart she believes he is). She goes to the hospital and they think she’s crazy. She gets a lawyer and starts divorce proceedings and gets a temp restraining order. Even though she still has to share custody of their son, she has her new nanny drop him off. She soon becomes suspicious of her and figures out she’s working with Ryan and fires her.

Cass figures the best offense is a good defense, she decides to try and make her marriage work to get the evidence she needs on him. Well this back fires on her when her older son gets sick like she has been. At a court hearing she is made to look like a crazy woman and temporarily looses custody of her kids. Then she starts thinking about everything and figures out who and what has been happening to her and has one last ditch plan to save herself and her kids.

Gail Niederhoffer has written a spell-binding thriller that has twists and turns right up to the last page. You’ll will not want to put the book down until you get to the last page.

Poison is in stores on Tuesday, November 21st from St. Martin’s Press.

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