Book Review: ‘Peril In Pink: A Novel’ By Sydney Leigh

by | Feb 24, 2024 | Books | 0 comments

Jess Byrne and Kat Miller have opened up a B&B in upstate New York called Pearl, a pink themed place catering to females. They got a major story in the newspaper and are full up on reservations, as they have their grand opening weekend. When singing star, and former boyfriend Lars Armstrong agrees to sing on opening night, it makes things that much better, He arrives with his stepdad Bob (who is also his manager), and is kind of a jerk, and with Nicky, his tech. He stiffs them on singing that night, and the next morning Bob is found dead in the pond near the building. Lars is the prime suspect, and Jess and Kat decide to investigate on their own, the B&B’s future is at stake, as well as their own, if they get too close to the truth. This is another one of those fun small town mysteries that I enjoy. The lead characters, and supporting cast, including the mother of Jess, and a dog named Duke, enhance the story. Fans of this kind of novel will enjoy this one. It’s in stores on Tuesday, March 19th from Crooked Lane.