Book Review: ‘The Paris Secret’ Is An Intriguing Mystery Of Art And Mysterious Apartments

A story about art, mysterious apartments kept private for over 70 years and a love story with two people not looking for love.

Flora Skyes is a well known expert when it comes to art. Her dad worked at Christy’s for many years and know she travels the world scouting valuable art. She’s staying with her family when she finds out her brother is in trouble for an alleged rape. She’s called away to Paris on a new assignment that involves a rich family who have a secret apartment that has not been talked about for over 70 years.

The will for the owner said it could not be opened or talked about until the matriarch of the family has passed. When someone breaks in and sends an anonymous note about it that technically opens the door for the apartment to be checked out. Once inside they find a lot of valuable art, worth millions of dollars. The question is why is it here and who owns it. Flora is assigned the job of figuring this out. As she traces the art and catalogs the apartment, they find a second apartment below that contains one painting.

Flora is frantically searching to find out who owns the art so they can sell it at auction. Flora travels to Paris, Vienna and Provence in search of information. She also has to deal with the rich Vermeil family including the brother and sister of Xavier and Natascha (party animals and they think their better than everyone else). The more she digs, the more she discovers that everything with the family is not as it seems. When she discovers a secret connection to Nazis and the paintings and it opens up a shocking secret that the family has been trying to hide all these years.

If that’s not enough, there’s sexual tension between Flora and Xavier which boils over and could derail the whole investigation into the paintings.

A riveting story with lots of twists and turns you don’t come seeing. Had me glued right from the beginning until the very end. The world of art and romance are the backdrop to The Paris Secret. Available in stores on Tuesday, November 14(William Morrow) from author Karen Swan.

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