Book Review: ‘Paper Ghosts’ Is A Twisted Tale Of Suspense

by | Apr 28, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

A road trip through Texas with a 24 year old woman and a man named Carl is the story of Paper Ghosts. The woman narrates the story (we learn her name late in the book). She’s looking for the person who tool and murdered her sister years ago. She believes Carl is the one who did it. She has planned for a years now to get him to admit it.He at one point was tried for the murder of a young girl but got off. He has dementia and is living in a special halfway house for people like him. She says she is his daughter and wants to take him on a road trip. He agrees to go with her and they take off for three places where there are cold cases she thinks he is responsible for.

It turns out to be a game of chicken with the two of them. He is a lot smarted and with it that he lets on. She starts to have her doubts about him (as does the reader). It all leads up to shocking twists and turns and an ending you don’t see coming (so that’s why this review is briefer than normal).

A real suspenseful story with two well-written characters and a fun trip through Texas. A riveting tale of two people trying to outdo the other and leaving the reader thoroughly satisfied by the end of the story. A great job from author Julie Heaberlin.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, May 7th from Ballantine Books paperback.