Book Review: ‘Palm Beach: A Novel’ By Mark Adkins

Mickey is an actor and singer in New York with his wife Rebecca, who is a journalist. They have a baby boy Bash, who is 8 months old. Mickey has a vocal injury and his career at the moment is on hold. He gets offered a job managing a rich man’s estate in Palm Beach, Florida and he jumps at the offer and they move there. He then gets another offer, at double his salary, to move to another estate owned by the rich Cecil Stone. He jumps at the chance and soon his wife Rebecca gets in on the action, as Cecil’s wife Astrid wants her to ghost-write her memoir. She becomes close with her and soon learns some disturbing things about him. When Bash gets sick it changes everything and luckily they have the Stones to help support them. Then Rebecca does something stupid that could change everything.

A very well-written character driven story that looks at the rich and the not so rich set in Palm Beach. You follow along with Mickey and Rebecca and root for them and Bash as they go through a parent’s worst nightmare. No shocking twists and turns, just normal everyday people, that keeps the reader engaged throughout.

You can pick up Palm Beach in stores on Tuesday, August 3rd from Harper.

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