Book Review: ‘Overdue Or Die: A Haunted Library Mystery’ By Allison Brook

by | Sep 24, 2023 | Books | 0 comments

This should be a time of celebration for Carrie Singleton, who works at the Clover Ridge Library. She is engaged to be married to Dylan, Christmas is coming up, and the new addition to the library is finally opening. But things go haywire, her uncle Bosco has a heart attack, a crazy woman claims to own the new library addition, Dylan is in Chicago settling the estate of his late uncle, is attacked, and a valuable painting is stolen, and Martha, who owns a local gallery is found murdered. Dylan is okay, and working with the authorities to find his painting, Bosco is on the mend, and Evelyn, the ghost who visits Carrie in the library, who knew Martha, asks her to help solve the murder. As she gets closer to the truth, someone doesn’t want her to reveal it, and her life is in danger. This is the seventh novel in the series, and it just keeps getting better. These small-town mysteries are a lot of fun to read, and with so much going on, you’ll be finished before you know it. And don’t forget about Smokey the cat!!

You can pick up Overdue Or Die in stores on Tuesday, October 10th from Crooked Lane.